Users of the Centre are reminded that it is in high mountain country where considerable dangers exist. These may be due to the nature of the terrain, or to sudden adverse changes in the weather. It is the responsibility of hirers of the centre to ensure that their groups are properly supervised and equipped for any activities they may undertake.

Any exploration of the disused mines, workings, tailings or tunnels is extremely inadvisable. Most have been fenced off and sealed.

Mountain walkers should be regardful that it is prudent to always carry a good map (at 1:40000 or 1:25000 scale), compass, waterproofs, whistle, first-aid kit, emergency rations, torch, emergency space blanket or bivouac-bag and spare warm clothing as well as to wear boots or stout walking shoes.

Every year the Lake District Mountain Rescue are called out to rescue some 300 people, and there are some they can't. Please take all reasonable precautions to ensure you are not one of them. Go Prepared!

Kepple Cove Dam and Brown Cove from Red Screes