Terms & Conditions

The T’s & C’s of booking.

Bury Jubilee Outdoor Pursuits Centre.
Greenside Hostel, Glenridding, Cumbria.
General Conditions of Hire

  1. The hire period shall be between the hours and days stated on the form headed “Confirmation of Use and Final Receipt” issued by the Booking Secretary on behalf of the Management Committee and the Trustees of the Centre.
  2. The hirer undertakes that the hire period will not be exceeded.
  3. In the event of the hire period being exceeded, the hirer accepts that there will be an additional charge which may include compensation payable to other hirers who have been inconvenienced.
  4. The hirer understands the arrangements for the collection and return of the keys and that, once the keys have been collected, the hire period will be deemed to continue until such time as the keys are returned.
  5. During the hire period, the hirer and the party leader will be jointly and severally responsible for any damage to the centre or its fitments and fittings (excepting fair wear and tear) and shall indemnify the Management Committee from all or any cost of repair and replacement, wholly or partially , caused by such damage.
  6. The hirer and party leader will ensure that all members of their party observe the Hostel Rules at all times and act accordingly.
  7. Neither the Trustees nor the Management Committee, its officers and members shall be responsible or liable at law for any of the following;
    • (a) any loss suffered by anyone arising from any failure on the part of the hirer to comply with the prescribed arrangements for the collection of keys.
    • (b) the failure of any or all of the services at the centre whether water, electricity, gas, fuel oil or drains.
    • (c) any loss or damage whatsoever that occurs within the centre save for death or bodily injury caused by the negligence of the Trustees, the Committee, its officers or agents.
  8. Neither the Trustees nor the Committee nor its officers or agents shall owe any duty of care towards any persons in their pursuance of any outdoor activity whatsoever and will not be responsible for any loss or damage suffered thereby.
  9. Both the hirer and the party leader will take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety at all times of any persons using the centre during the period of hire. This includes any period of time when users are on the premises before or after the hours agreed at the time of booking.
  10. The total cost of the hire will normally be paid in two parts. It is a condition of the acceptance of the booking that the hirer pays a specified deposit within 7 days of the acceptance or the booking will be deemed null and void. The balance shall be paid 5 weeks before the date of arrival. In the event of the balance not being paid , the deposit will be forfeited as is normal in a breach of contract.